FREE Competition

(Every Couple Months)


I give away consoles absolutely free every few months! You can compete for a chance to win a PS4, Xbox One S or a Nintendo Switch! The giveaways are entry based so the more you enter the better your chances of winning! Sign up for free below! With the current giveaway you want to climb the leader board to the top 100, dont worry if you are not close because there will be BIG POINT opportunities! Join the sweepstakes below!

PAID Competition


Paying members get console giveaways EVERY MONTH and also a ton of other benefits including discounts on are just a few examples...

  • $5 Level - Compete for 1 Console MONTHLY

  • $20 Level- Compete for 2 Consoles MONTHLY (CURRENTLY ONLY 7 MEMBERS AT THIS LEVEL, chances to win are extremely high!) 

(2 Consoles Every Month)